Work at Home by Children

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Excerpt from an interview with Mr. Edgar Mudge.

"Getting the sheep--God, that was something--going to look for those sheep every evening in the fall, trying to get them in, because there is nothing more stubborn than a sheep. Two sheep, I suppose, are more stubborn but that's about all. And that I remember. I remember one evening--the snow had fallen, and I had looked everywhere for those half a dozen sheep or whatever that we had, and I couldn't find them anywhere. And I remember--and I've thought about it a hundred times after--just a kid, unable to find the sheep, praying to God to have those sheep home when I got home. By damn, when I got home they were there. And I've never forgotten that. I'm not much of a religious person, mind you, but I've never forgotten that God answered my prayer that evening. So He brought the sheep home instead of myself. I would spend most of Saturday mowing his (the old gentleman who owned the store) with a push mower for fifty cents. That was a lot of money. So that's the thing I remember especially."


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