Story Telling

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  Storytelling was one of the main pastimes in outports in Newfoundland during the 20th century. Young children loved to hear their grandparents tell stories of when they were kids, and many families would spend hours just sitting around in spare time telling stories and listening to other people's tales. Here are some stories that some of the people we interviewed shared with us.


"If a movie came to the community, there was no theatre there but you would have itinerant movie operators who would go from community to community and we'd call it showing a show. And you'd go the movie. It would cost twenty-five cents to get into the movie but if you didn't have twenty-five cents, he could have been charging fifty dollars because if you didn't have twenty-five cents you couldn't get in. And I remember one day this guy came. He was going to show movies that evening. Now if you were fortunate enough to get to him first, then he would say, 'Bring some blankets in from home to cover the windows.' You needed a blackout, of course, to show movies--and he would let you in free."  

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