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Official Court Order.

An official court order sent to a striker -- William Hennessey -- to appear before the magistrates court. Hennessey was charged with failing to comply with an order prohibiting the strike.

In the document the magistrate states that:

upon the complaint of Andrew Humber, Hd. Constable of Police, hereafter called the Complainant, you are hereby required to appear in your proper person before the undersigned Stipendiary Magistrate for the said District at the Town Hall in Buchans on the 15th day of August, 1941 by 10 of the clock in the forenoon of the same day, to answer the said complaint, for that you, the said defendant at Buchans, between the 8th day of August, 1941 and the 15th day of August, 1951, failed to comply with an order prohibiting a strike in and about the works of Buchans Mining Company Limited and requiring you to return to work in and about the said works made by the Commissioner for Public Utilities under the Defense (Avoidance of Strikes and Lookouts) Regulations, 1941, contrary to Regulations 5 (1) of the said Regulations.
Dated at Buchans 13 of August 1941. M. Hollett, Stipendiary Magistrate.

Reproduced by permission of the Red Indian Lake Development Association. From Khaki Dodgers: The History of Mining and the People of the Buchans Area (Red Indian Lake Development Association, ©1992).
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