"The Budgells," ca. late 1980s.

The popular, fictitious family "The Budgells" were portrayed in a comedy skit which was regularly performed on the weekly CBC television series CODCO during the 1980s. Although CODCO originally began as an acting troupe in the 1970s, it quickly gained wide public popularity and with the series, national recognition. The Newfoundland cast (clockwise from left) included Tommy Sexton as Spook; Andy Jones as Ellie; Cathy Jones as Nipper; Greg Malone as Mr. Eustace Budgell; and Mary Walsh as Mrs. Dulcie Budgell.

Photo from the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland Library, St. John's, Newfoundland. Photo by M. White. © CODCO. Courtesy of M. White.
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