A view of a fishing stage
A view of a fishing stage used in the Newfoundland migratory fishery.
A French woodcut of unknown origins. In 1710, a similar scene appeared on the Herman Moll map of North America with the English description, "A VIEW OF A STAGE & ALSO YE MANNER OF FISHING FOR, CURING & DRYING COD AT NEWFOUNDLAND."

From Charles de Volpi, Newfoundland: A Pictorial Record (Sherbrooke, Quebec: Longman Canada Limited, ©1972) 8.
Translation of the legend which appears in the banner:
A. The Habit of ye Fishermen
B. The Line
C. The Manner of fishing
D. The Dressers of ye Fish
E. The Trough into which they throw ye cod when dressed
F. Salt Boxes
G. The Manner of Carrying ye Cod
H. The Cleansing of ye Cod
I. A press to extract ye oyl from ye Cods Livers
K. Casks to receive ye Water & Blood that comes from ye livers
L. Another Cask to Receive ye Oil
M. The Manner of Drying ye Cod

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