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Members of the last Newfoundland House of Assembly, 1933
Seventy-nine years of responsible government came to an end in Newfoundland and Labrador when the Commission of Government assumed power on 16 February 1934.

Seated in the first row (left to right): Kenneth M. Brown; William C. Winsor; William J. Walsh; Sir John C. Puddester; F. Gordon Bradley; James A. Winter; Frederick C. Alderdice; Sir Edward Emerson; John G. Stone; William J. Browne; Harry A. Winter; Samuel J. Foote; and Harold Mitchell.

Standing in the second row (left to right): Ernest Gear; Phillip J. Lewis, William A. Abbott; page; Sergeant-at-Arms; Patrick K. Devine (Assistant Clerk); Michael A. Shea; Herman W. Quinton; Charles J. Furey; Dr. Harris M. Mosdell; and Gerald G. Byrne.

Standing in the third row (left to right): George Whiteley; Patrick F. Halley; Henry Y. Mott (Clerk); Henry Earle; Norman Gray; Joseph Moore; and Roland G. Starkes.

Photographer unknown. Reproduced by permission of the Archives and Manuscripts Division (Coll. 075 05.05.216), QE II Library, Memorial University, St. John's, NL.

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