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Governors Game

This is a game of identification. There are 18 tiles with 3 different point values (100, 200, 300) and for each there is a governor or lieutenant-governor to identify.

Click on a tile and it will show you a picture and clue for a particular governor or lieutenant-governor. You must then select the name of that governor or lieutenant-governor from a drop-down list and submit your answer. Once submitted, the game will tell you if you are right or wrong and display the answer. You then click the continue button to return to the tiles so you may select another.

If you cannot see the game above, Java™ may not be enabled on your browser. Please check your browser preferences.

Once you finish the game you have the option to try again, in which case the placement of the governors and lieutenant-governors are randomized and do not appear behind the same tiles. Score is kept in the lower left-hand corner.

Please Note:
The game loads necessary sound effects as they are needed. If you notice a momentary pause, it merely means that the game is loading one of the small sound files. (Sound files range from 1-4 Kb in size).

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