Exploration and Settlement: Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle uses words contained in the 'Exploration and Settlement' articles of our web site. We have provided this page so that viewers may print the puzzle on paper if they do not wish to complete it online via the Java™ applet.


4. English port from which John Cabot sailed
6. Early instrument for measuring latitude
8. Norse name for Labrador natives
9. Legendary 12th c. fabled Welsh Prince and explorer
10. Early instrument for measuring latitude
12. Norse explorer
13. Norse name for Newfoundland
16. Site of "Cabot Rock"
19. Isle of ______; means 'blessed' in Gaelic
20. Measurement of vessel speed
21. Explorers who reached North America around 1000 A.D.
23. Continent for which John Cabot was searching
25. Instrument used to measure magnetic North Pole
26. Sixth century Irish monk and explorer
27. Early device for keeping track of time
28. 15th c. Portuguese explorer


1. Origin of some early settlers to Newfoundland
2. Fishing grounds off Newfoundland's coast
3. Viking settlement in Newfoundland
5. 15th century cartographer
7. Mythical island in the North Atlantic
11. John Cabot's Newfoundland landfall
14. Small Irish boat made out of wood and ox-hides
15. Legendary inscription by John Cabot
16. Land settled by Eirik the Red
17. Country from which John Cabot sailed in 1497
18. John Cabot's son
22. Italian name for Cabot
24. Stout, sea-worthy Norse vessel

Abbreviations Used in Clues:

  • NF - Newfoundland
  • c. - century

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