Natural Environment: Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle uses words contained in the 'Natural Environment' articles of our web site. We have provided this page so that viewers may print the puzzle on paper if they do not wish to complete it online via the Java™ applet.


1. Began two million years ago in NF and Lab.
3. Prehistoric mining site in NF
5. 360 million years ago (Period)
9. First link in the marine food chain
11. Site of coldest recorded NF temperature (-41C)
14. Delayed heating and cooling
15. Type of tree which grows in taiga biome
17. Site of large nickel discovery in 1995
20. Made an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987
21. Stone used by many NF and Lab. aboriginal societies
23. Ancient North American continent
24. Site of NF pyrophyllite mine
25. Site of mid-19th century whaling factory


2. 410 million years ago (Period)
4. 200 million years ago (Period)
6. Area drained by a stream or river
7. Melted mantle rock
8. Subsoil which remains below freezing point
10. NF bay rich in copper showings
12. First european whale hunters in N.A.
13. A tree that sheds its leaves
16. Uses the energy of flowing water
18. Plutonic rock
19. Site of coldest recorded Lab. temperature (-54C)
22. Similar to pyrophyllite

Abbreviations Used in Clues:

  • NF - Newfoundland
  • Lab. - Labrador
  • N.A. - North America
  • UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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