Aboriginal Peoples: Crossword Puzzle 2

This crossword puzzle uses words contained in the 'Aboriginal Peoples' articles of our web site. We have provided this page so that viewers may print the puzzle on paper if they do not wish to complete it online via the Java™ applet.


4. Rock used for carving by Dorset
6. Stone used by Maritime Archaic
9. Searched for the Beothuk in 1768
12. Abandoned Inuit community
13. Last known Beothuk
15. English name for Utshimassit (Innu community)
18. Present day Innu community
20. Thule snow house
22. Direct ancestors of the Beothuk
23. Mi'kmaq Holy Man
24. Harpoon point
25. Abandoned Inuit community
26. Governor who organized Beothuk search in 1768


1. Maritime Archaic site in Western NF
2. Inuit ceremonial structure
3. NF aboriginal inhabitants
5. Thule island site settled around 1250 A.D.
7. English name for 'Miawpukek'
8. Society that replaced Dorset
10. Beothuk ancestors
11. Governor who organized Beothuk search in 1811
14. Beothuk site in Notre Dame Bay
16. European boat used by Mi'kmaq
17. Whale hunted by Thule
19. Palaeo-Eskimo house
21. A tool chipped on both sides

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