Aboriginal Peoples: Crossword Puzzle 1

This crossword puzzle uses words contained in the 'Aboriginal Peoples' articles of our web site. We have provided this page so that viewers may print the puzzle on paper if they do not wish to complete it online via the Java™ applet.


1. First Beaches Complex site
3. Thule descendants
7. Origins of Beaches Complex
10. Late Palaeo-Eskimos
11. Innu name for Lake Melville
12. Reached Labrador around 4000 B.P.
13. Formerly known as the Naskapi-Montagnais
14. Archaelogical meaning of B.P.
16. 19th century Mi'kmaq guide
17. Earliest Palaeo-Eskimo site
19. Earliest Thule island site
22. Maritime Archaic descendants
23. Cutting edge of wood-working tool
24. Rock used for carving by dorset


2. Ancestors of Little Passage People
4. Southern Labrador Intermediate Indian site
5. First human occupants of Western Hemisphere
6. Three-pronged fish spear
8. Reached Labrador around 9000 B.P.
9. Made contract with the Beothuk in 1612
15. Area near Hudson Bay where Dorset first appeared
18. A stone tool for wood-working
20. Ungrooved stone ax
21. Basic social unit of the Beothuk

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