Sebastian Cabot Map Detail
Sebastian Cabot's World map, ca. 1544.
"Prima Tierra Vista" is shown in red.
World Map by Sebastian Cabot, ca. 1544, (detail shown here) Antwerp - found by Dr. Jon Martius in the home of a Bavarian curate in 1843. Obtained by the French government the next year, the map was deposited in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, where it still remains. Although the map does not have an author, title, or date, Sebastian Cabot has been credited as its creator. By the time a second edition circulated in London in 1549, Cabot's name appeared unchallenged as its author.

From Henry Harrisse, Découverte et évolution cartographique de Terre Neuve et des pays circonvoisins 1497-1501-1769: essais de géographie historique et documentaire (London: Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, 1900). Colorized by Duleepa Wijayawardhana.

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