Other Geological Events

Other geological events, such as meteor sightings, and fireballs are minor occurrences of an unpredictable nature with no damage associated with them. Of greater impact was a sinkhole at St. David's in 1985 that collapsed a driveway. The sinkhole was about 2 m diameter and 6 to 7 m deep.

Sinkhole in the Codroy Valley.
Sinkholes are funnel-shaped depressions, or sinks, in the ground surface, commonly tens of metres in diameter.
Reproduced by permission of Trevor Bell, © 1997.
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Sinkholes are a hazard on the west coast of the island, although their distribution is geologically constrained to the southern St. George's Bay and Codroy Valley areas. Incidences of other geological events in Newfoundland and Labrador are shown on the map below and in the accompanying table.

Other Geological Events Map Other Geological Events Map.
The larger version of this map shows the locations of other recorded geological events in Newfoundland and Labrador from 1809 to 1985. Moving the mouse over any location will call up information on the geological event occurring in that place.

Map adapted by Don Walsh and Tina Riche, 2000.
Larger Version with more information. (46 kb)

Reproduced by permission of M. Batterson, D.G.E. Liverman, J. Ryan and D. Taylor, The Assessment of Geological Hazards and Disasters in Newfoundland: An Update. (St. John's: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey, © 1999) unless otherwise noted.

Sinkhole image updated November, 2008

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