Northern Peninsula

This ecoregion is located along the forested parts of the coastal lowlands of the Northern Peninsula. It has a maritime-type climate with cool summers and mild winters. The mean annual temperature is approximately 3°C, with a mean summer temperature is 11°C and a mean winter temperature of -4.5°C. The mean annual precipitation ranges from 1000 mm to 1100 mm.

Balsam fir is the dominant type of tree species, with black spruce becoming more common at higher elevations. Kalmia heath covers poorly-drained sites. Dwarf black spruce and evergreen shrubs are common on rock outcrops exposed to the wind.

Most of the ecoregion has an elevation less than 125 m above sea level; however, it rises to about 450 m above sea level on the east side of the peninsula. Igneous rocks are dominant. The topography is undulating to ridged. Black bear, lynx, snowshoe hare, moose, and caribou are common. Fishing, forestry, and and mining are important.

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