Lake Melville

This ecoregion is located on the perimeter of Lake Melville. It has humid, cool summers and cold winters. The mean annual temperature is around -2°C, with a mean summer temperature of 8.5°C and a mean winter temperature of -13°C. The mean annual precipitation ranges from 800 mm to 1000 mm. Its forests are dominated by balsam fir, black spruce, white birch, and trembling aspen. Much of this ecoregion is an irregular lowland, greatly dissected by river valleys. Elevations range from around sea level to about 500 m asl. Permafrost is found in isolated patches, primarily in wetlands west of Lake Melville.

This ecoregion provides logs for the timber industry. It has suitable conditions for animals such as caribou, moose, birds, and waterfowl. Hunting, trapping, and recreation are common land-use activities. The main community is Happy Valley-Goose Bay, which is supported mainly by a military base.

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