Tropical Storm "Eduardo" and Hurricane "Fran"; September 1996
The visible wavelength GOES satellite image for the afternoon of September 4, 1996 shows two tropical storm systems at differing stages in their life cycle. To the south of the Avalon peninsula "Eduardo" is now a tropical storm, having weakened from its original hurricane status off the southeastern U.S. a few days earlier. This storm, which gave heavy rain and high winds to the eastern shore of Nova Scotia the previous day, has now lost the central "eye" characteristic of a full hurricane, although the remnants of the spiralling cloud bands are visible, with their northern edge clipping the Avalon peninsula as the system heads eastward. Meanwhile, east of Florida and the Bahamas "Fran" is a mature hurricane whose eye is visible, together with tightly spiralling deep convective clouds. The 1996 hurricane season was particularly active over the western North Atlantic sector.

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