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  Corrections to the First Edition
  Preface to the Second Edition
  Dictionaries and Other Works Cited

Seventy-six corrections of the 1982 text of the Dictionary are set forth as follows: first in arabic or roman numerals the page reference, with the letters a or b indicating respectively the left and right hand column, then the erroneous reading closed by a square bracket, and finally the corrected reading of the text.

xxxvi a 1708 Nickolson] Nicholson
xxxix b 1864 1811-1885] 1810-1884
xl a [after TUCKER] 1878 Nfld Pilot = The Newfoundland Pilot, Comprising also the Strait of Belle Isle, and North-East Coast of Labrador (London: Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, 1878)
xliv b [after BURKE] 1927 DOYLE = Gerald S. Doyle, 1892-1956, The Old Time Songs and Poetry of Newfoundland (St John's: [Manning & Rabbitts,] 1927)
xlv b [after LODGE] 1940 DOYLE = Gerald S. Doyle, Old-time Songs and Poetry of Newfoundland, 2d ed (St John's: Gerald S. Doyle, 1940)
xlvi b [after RUSSELL] 1955 DOYLE = Gerald S. Doyle, Old-time Songs of Newfoundland, 3d ed (St John's: Gerald S. Doyle, 1955)
xlix b 1917,] 1908-1984
lii a 1978 Songs and Poetry of the] Songs and Poetry in the History of the
liv a [after Douglass] Doyle, Gerald S. (1927); (1940); (1955)
lxi b P 2 Minnesota] Chicago
lxiii b P 190 Hungary/] Poland/
lxvi b [after T 393] T 395-67 R. Morey; La Scie
lxix b Kipness] Kipnis
lxx a [after Morey, R. T 393-67] , T 395-67
10 a arsed p ppl] arsed a
17 a bake-pot I forgot] I've forgot
17 b ball power and ball] powder and ball
17 b ballast [1766 BANKS] [(1766) 1971 BANKS
26 b barrel tub Nfld Magazine] Nfld Magazine & Advertiser
37 b bedlamer (phonetics) d1] dl
39 b 1976 TUCK 76] 75
42 a biff (Delete everything after n. Insert:) Lapland longspur (Calcarius lapponicus) (P 88-161)
43 a bim Barbadoes] Barbados
53 b boat master] boat(s) master
70 a browser let-] le- /thargic
78 b cag See KEG v.] See KEG n, v.]
80 b canadian [1776]] [1766], 1828] 1826
81 b cape shore organize the] organize and
84 b car-driver ~ man] ~ man
89 b 1879 TUCKER] [1847] 1877 TUCKER
117 b covel passel] passed
118 a cow cow out] cow out
121 b crew Scaierie] Sca[t]erie
126 b See CRUISE v for sense 2 and 3] See CRUISE n for sense 3
134 a daps* n pl] n
148 b down (folk) for sense 4.] (folk) for sense 3.
149 a Comb] 3 Comb
149 b dows'y poll po*] po*.
149 b draft] draft1
150 a insert draft2 See IN: IN-DRAFT
152 b drew* T 43/8] T 48
153 a driet DRITE.] DRITE*.
154 b 1881 KENNEDY of woods] of wood
163 a ellan] Delete entry
166 a 2 Comb, phr] 4 Phr etc
[new division] 5 Comb face-and-eye berry, etc, face clock, etc
168 a fairy pipe Soctia] Scotia
187 a flacoon n [fl...] flacoon n pl: [fl...
188 a flake beam vertically] horizontally
193 b flouse n T 194/6-65] 194-65
216 b glavaun n] glauvaun n
222 b graple 'ta-k-'] 'tak'
233 a gunning Delete l909 quot
238 b hand-gaff (7.6 cm)] (91.44 cm)
265 a see ice-glim above; LOOM.] see ice-glim above.
290 a galley Delete 1915 quotation
302 b lesser newfoundland] Delete entry
308 a livyer MILLIER] MILLYER; 1868...7] 1868...15 July
309 a loaf I forgot] I've forgot
327 b merchantable:[phonetics unavailable]
343 a newfie 1976 WHALLEY] 1978 WHALLEY
381 a pitty n] pitty a
382 a planter 1610 adventures] adventure[r]s
418 a room Delete 1620 quotation
431 a salt-bulk: see SALT-BULK] salt bulk: see SALT BULK.
432 a salt stage fom] from
434 b salt water 1977 COOK] 1975 COOK
441 a scrammed DAC] DAE
455 b sealing Delete [1798] quotation
462 a settlement their old Harbours] their old [?out] Harbours
482 b sinks n pl] sink n; ~s The lead
495 a slob form of slobice] form of slob ice
520 a squalling ~/:] ~:/
542 a strouter 1973: on the rocks] or the rocks
557 a talqual $5.50] $5.30
572 a tolt kopj] kopje