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athwart prep also adurt, athirt, atirt, thert, etc [phonetics unavailable] EDD ~ prep 4. Of motion, across; from one side of a place to the other.
   [1794] 1968 THOMAS 97 From St Mary's Bay to Cape Chapeau Rouge (which are the two angles [of Placentia Bay]) is twelve Leagues athwart. 1895 J A Folklore viii, 35 Atert or atort, is the same as athwart, but it is used as equivalent to across. Thus they say 'atert the road,' or 'atort the harbor.' 1901 WILLSON 19 'Aweel, sor, ye're afther being athwart the rudge,' he said. 1937 DEVINE 7 He's gone athirt the bay. T 187-65 I thought about goin' thert the harbour after dinner.

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