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asquish a also squish, squish-ways. Cp EDD aswish adv 'aslant,' swish adv, adj1 'diagonally; awry.' Askew; out of alignment; in desperate straits.
   [1900] 1978 RLS 8, p. 25 Squish—out of plumb, all askew. T 141/59-652 [I] had to put the shelf—had to take away the bracket—an' put un a little bit squish. P 219-68 A picture which is not hanging properly is squish. 1972 MURRAY 200 But with the roses all over [the wall-paper], if 'twas a little bit asquish, you wouldn't know it. P 148-74 Squish-ways: not fair, as the frame of a window. 1979 Evening Telegram 9 June, p. 17 With himself all exquish so signs I got a brand new shirt and drawers up in the bottom drawer if he stops his wind [and dies].

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