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coady n also cody, codey, coly* [phonetics unavailable]. ADD cody Nfld for sense 1.
   1 A sweet sauce, often boiled molasses, served with 'duff' or boiled pudding.
   1909 BROWNE 268 The 'sauce' served with the pasteball is known as 'Codey.' 1925 Dial Notes v, 328 Cody-boiled molasses. 1933 GREENLEAF xxivThere would be steamed pudding-and molasses 'cody' (sauce). 1937 DEVINE 14 ~ Sauce, usually of boiled molasses to spread over puddings or dumplings. T 43/7-64 The coady is made from molasses with a bit of butter in, then a bit of flavouring. T 175/7-65 Then coady over the doughboys on the last--dessert. 1972 MURRAY 226 My mother used to make it with sugar, butter, water and vinegar. She'd cook it until it got thick. That was the cody she used to make... I make cody now, on times. And I make it with milk and sugar, a little water, vanilla and cornstarch. Other possibilities were vinegar and sugar mixed on the plate. In early days, molasses was frequently used.
   2 Comb coady dipper [phonetics unavailable]: metal container in which a sweet sauce is boiled and served; DIPPER.
   T 80/2-64 The coady dipper was there, with lassie into un, and they took the coady dipper and lassied [the duff] right over.
   coady duff [phonetics unavailable]: boiled pudding served with molasses; DUFF1 (1924 ENGLAND 314).
   T 178/9-65 Of course you'd have your coady duff.

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