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ash2 n EDD ~ sb1 2 (6) for sense 2 (b).
   1 Phr get/take ashes: to attend Ash Wednesday service in which ashes are marked on the forehead of the communicant by the priest (P 245-77).
   2 Comb ash-cat: (a) member of ship's gang which hauls ashes from the boiler-room and dumps them overboard (1925 Dial Notes v, 325); also attrib; (b) one who hugs the fireside.
   1922 Sat Ev Post 195, 2 Sep, p. 123 [He was) emptying ashes overside as a member of the ash-cat gang. 1924 ENGLAND 137 Coal pounds on deck kept everything a black muck. Ashes blew everywhere, as the ash-cat gang tipped their long steel buckets over the red rail and pitched ashes hissing out on ice. C 75-137 An ash-cat is a person who is always cold; when outdoors he wears a lot of clothes and when inside sits by the stove.

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