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according ppl [phonetics unavailable]. Cp EDD ~ adv 'in proportion to' Wo Gl So.
   Phr as according as, according as: when; at the same time as; while; in proportion to.
   1858 [LOWELL] ii, 202 The wind's like to come up here out o' Nothe-east, bum-bye, accord'n as the moon rises. T 43-64 You'd get it rough there sometimes. The fish'd wash off of the deck as 'cardin' as you throw it in. T 46-64 Nippers was that thick that they come and they used to drive their thorns down through the bark pot. 'Cardin' as they drove 'em down, he used to clench 'em [with a hammer]. T 56-64 I got that [arthritis] half a lifetime now and as 'ca'in' as I get older I'm gettin' worse. T 61-64 But as 'cordin' as the years rolled by, it still got worse. Instead of being a weekly occurrence, 'twas every night occurrence.
   according to: in equal measure, in the same proportion.
   1957 Evening Telegram 22 Aug, p. 4 And, as the Newfoundland saying goes, 'Everything else according to.' T 55-64 You have a storeful of food, nine or ten barrels of flour if you had a big family, and everything else accardin' to—nothing to worry about. 1970 JANES 78 Yes, yes. Don't be fussin'. He gives me whatever he can, accardin' to.

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