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arse n also ass. OED ~ sb 1, 2, EDD 1 for sense 1; cp O Sup2 sb 1 b arse over tip, EDD 2 (1) arse over head So for phr in sense 2; O Sup2 3 arse-end, EDD 3 (6) for comb in sense 3.
   1 Bottom; hinder or lower part (of an object); hence hot arse: galvanized tin kettle; PIPER.
   P 148-62 Ass of our pants. P 148-64 ~ back part of dress. T 141/65-652 'Now put thy arse down in both of 'em,' she said, 'try 'em both out, an' whichever one thees likes best thees can have.' So anyhow he sot down in both chairs, an' had a little rock, zigzag back an' forth. 1971 Evening Telegram 22 Apr, p. 3 A kindly outharbor fisherman has agreed to take the visiting mainland couple for a trip in his boat. As you get aboard he may say: 'Now, sir, you can sit up in the headuver and, ma'am, you can sit back in the arsuver.' 1973 BARBOUR 94 If one wanted boiling water in a hurry for a cup of tea, one used what were called 'quicks' or 'hot asses,' made of tin by the local tinsmith. Water boiled very quickly in these kettles, which had large bottoms. 1975 BUTLER 41 Well now, when we went at the [boat] Johnny said, 'Vic, you take her arse,' he said, 'and I'll take her head.' Ibid 113 The cook woke me in the morning. He said, 'Skipper, the whole arse is gone out of your pants.' 1978 Evening Telegram 4 Jan, p. 4 Ontario, Canada's richest province had taken in $300 million less in income taxes this year and 'when this happens we get kicked in the arse,' explained [Finance Minister] Doody.
   2 Phr arse foremost: backwards, hinder part before; arse over bottom, arse over/before kettle: head over heels.
   T 169-652 I jumped in the motor boat an' got my engine goin' ass foremost, an' Jack chopped the tow-rope. P 148-65 I'd drive him arse over kettles if he started any trouble. C 66-13 He fell arse over kettle. C 71-96 [He turned] ass over bottom. 1974 PITTMAN 25 He leapt out onto the middle of the altar and bellowed a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to ye all before he went arse before kettle over the communion rail.
   3 Comb arse bag: capacious underclothes; ~ end: back part; ~ pocket: back pocket.
   P 167-67 In cold weather he always wears ass-bags. 1979 Salt Water, Fresh Water 17 'Cold,' he said. 'My God, cold, boy. I'll tell you how cold it was. The kettle would be on the front part of the stove boiling like crazy, and the tea pot on the ass end froze solid.' 1974 PITTMAN 28 He liked it here when he first arrived straight from college with his 'degree in his arse pocket,' as he'd heard someone put it. 1979 POTTLE 75 Just stick it in me arse pocket, boy.

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