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arn substitute [phonetics unavailable]. See E'ER: E'ERA ONE. EDD ever a one (esp s w cties), ADD ary one; SED sect. vii. 2.13. Any; any one; esp in well-known local joke.
   1925 Dial Notes v, 325 Ar'ntall. Any one at all. 1955 ENGLISH 32 ~ any. P 274-65 Of course you already have that old Newfoundland chestnut—'Arn? Narn'? Two fishermen were out in their boats, one going to and the other coming from the fishing grounds. As they passed by one said 'Arn?' and the reply came 'Narn.' 1975 GUY 168 The shortest Newfoundland conversation is well known. It occurred when one fisherman met another on the way back from the fishing grounds. The first asked: 'Arn?' To which the other replied: 'Narn.' This translates as 'Ever the one?' and 'Never the one (fish).'

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