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arch n A temporary ceremonial structure decorated with spruce or fir boughs and bunting, erected for a public procession.
   1914 FPU (Twillingate) Minutes 6 Feb Edward White spoke about the [Army] Lads Brigade: would lend their two drums in the day of our parade. It was proposed, seconded, and carried that we ask the captain of Brigade for drums [and] that we have three arches, one at the Barracks Hill, one at Phillips place and one at Jubilee Corner. Three or four friends volunteered to haul a load of [boughs]. [1929] 1979 Evening Telegram 2 June, p. 16 Yesterday's gale also knocked down an arch [near] the power station at Seal Cove which we put up for the Royal visit. 1973 COOK 6 'Did you see the Bishop? 'I didn't bother. No arches.' 'No. It's not the same.' 'I mind when we used to make 'em all along the path 'e'd come. T'ree, four arches ... bigger'n old church door they was. And all the maids wid flowers.'

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