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cake n Esp in phr cake of bread: hard, rounded, dry ship's biscuit; BREAD, HARD TACK.
   [1772] 1792 CARTWRIGHT i, 212 I put the dogs to an allowance of one cake of bread each. 1937 DEVINE 65 If you're only going to the well for a turn of water 'twill do no harm to take a cake of bread in your pocket. 1955 DOYLE (ed) 30 "I'se the B'y": Sods and rinds to cover yet flake, / Cake and tea for supper, / Codfish in the spring o' the year / Fried in maggoty butter. T 34-64 I was always home—don't know what [it was] to go in service or to work for a cake of bread.

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