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aps n also hapse, (h)apsen [phonetics unavailable]. EDD ~ sb s w cties. Trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides); also attrib.
   1842 JUKES i, 160 The wood ... they here called the 'aps.' 1907 MILLAIS 86 On each side was dense forest of good-sized birch, white pine, 'haps' [etc]. T 50/2-64 You chop up bark off o' the trees—white spruce or apse; apse was good bark. An' you dry that on a flake or a wharf. T 203/5-65 An' then you'd get those apses; you'd cut two an' you wire 'em together an' the dead stick in the centre. That's what you'd tie your trap to. 1966 FARIS 240 Apsen (aspen) ... [used for] planking for boats. C 70-21 Christ's cross was made from an aspen (hapse) and that's why the leaves always tremble. P 148-72 No woman wants it for firewood because 'aps wood is full of water.'

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