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anti-confederate n also anti. Cp DC ~ (1866-). An opponent of political union with Canada.
   [1869] 1902 MURPHY (ed) 60 "Confederation Song of 1869": So now Confederation / A shameful death has died, / 'Tis buried up at Riverhead / Beneath the flowing tide. / O may it never rise again / To bother us I pray, / Hurrah my boy's for liberty / The Antis gained the day. 1895 Evening Herald 24 Apr I made enquiry all along the line, and met a great many Anti-Confederates, with very little opposition in each place. 1948 The Confederate No. 8, p. 2 What a sell the anti-Confederates got in that famous Bowater Report on the effects of Confederation upon Newfoundland! 1964 BLONDAHL (ed) 43 "The 'Antis' of Plate Cove": The day that the poll-booth was opened, / The 'Antis' and 'Cons' they were there. / The flag of cursed Confederation / Was gallantly marched to the rear.

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