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buddy n, proper n Cp DAS bud(dy) 1 'friend, fellow. Always used in direct address.'
   1 Of males, that unknown or unspecified person; the youth or man one has just been discussing; CHUMMY1.
   1964 Can Journ Ling x, 42 [Buddy] means 'this man,' or 'this individual,' giving the word a pronominal function, as in the utterance [where's buddy to], meaning 'where is the person we were talking about a moment ago?' P 148-65 There was a buddy coming down the road. Ibid Buddy comes in and swipes the petty cash. T 172/4-65 When I left I had a crowd of thirty men under me, working. All because I told buddy I could do what I was told! T 191-65 Buddy was so full of devilment now, that he just bluffed the old feller off. P 266-67 He may come this afternoon... Who, the buddy? 1973 PINSENT 50 So the boot was sove, but poor buddy kept right on goin' [over the cliff]. 1979 Salt Water, Fresh Water 22 My stepson cut the engine, and when he cut the engine, our boat stopped and the rope went slack, and down went Buddy into the water. 1980 Evening Telegram 2 Dec, p. 3 He pulled the trigger and buddy dropped in front of him.
   2 A contraption which is hard to describe; CHUMMY1, MACHINE.
   T 265-66 They used to have a buddy made, you know, with two sticks—two piece of board and a string.

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