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wop2 n Volunteer worker from other countries doing odd jobs at the International Grenfell Mission, Labrador.
   [1917] 1972 GORDON 99 Due to arrive any minute ... were a species known as WOPS. They represented the unskilled Volunteer force that Grenfell gathered in from the universities and other sources of supply. They willingly undertook all the odd jobs that were so necessary to the running of the Hospitals, such as stoking, digging, unloading freight, or anything else. 1920 WALDO 145 'Bill' Norwood—one of the volunteer 'wops' building the Battle Harbour reservoir. 1941 WITHINGTON 170 The work of these 'wops,' the word for the aides who came in the summer WithOut Pay, was very desultory—unloading cargoes of supplies, sorting clothes and arranging them for sale, and doing odd chores. P 130-67 ~s: summer workers, usually students, who work at the Grenfell Hospital without pay.

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