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angle n Cp EDD ~ sb3 'holes or runs [of] badgers, field-mice,' DC (Nfld: 1771, 1783) for sense 1; EDD ~ dog D, DAE (1867) for sense 4.
   1 An entrance to a beaver house.
   [1771] 1792 CARTWRIGHT i, 84 [They] opened the lower house in a fresh place [in the beaver house and] found the lodging with two angles to it, and tailed a trap in one of them. [1783] ibid iii, 19 From the fore part of the house, they build a projection into the pond, sloping downwards all the way, and under this they enter into their house. This entrance is called by the furriers, the Angle; nor do they always content themselves with one, but more commonly will have two, and sometimes three.
   2 Curved inlet of a lake or pond.
   T 50-64 We got into this big lake—it looked like a big angle from where we were to; gutty, and angles into it... He dropped a note but it fell in the water out in the angle. P 229-67 He caught a fine lot of trout in the lower angle of Burton's pond.
   3 Phr in angles: in zig-zag fashion.
   [1774] 1792 CARTWRIGHT ii, 11 I had the nets also taken up, and put out afresh in angles; the head-man ... had set them straight across the river.
   4 Comb angle-dog: earthworm used for fresh-water fishing (1968 Avalon Penin of Nfld 114).
   C 69-2 The man we were discussing was the seventh son of a seventh son, and my father said if you put a worm (angledog) on the palm of this man it would die. C 70-9 ~ a large fat worm, normally about a quarter of an inch in diameter and at least four inches long.

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