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to prep, prefix also de*, the EDD the 12, with day, morn, night, &c 'this, to-' general, POOLE Glossary ... of Forth and Bargy (1867), p. 118 t' year 'this year' Wxf, ADD the 5 'this; to-' for sense 1; EDD once 1 (13) to once w cty, Do, ADD to 4 to once for sense 2.
   1 The present (time period); the coming (time period).
   1888 HOWLEY MS Reminiscences 15 It is really too bad, we may not get such good chances [to shoot game] again the season. [c1894] PANL P4/14, p. 200 To year is this year, used like today, tonight, tomorrow. 'I ain't had a cruise to-year.' 1898 Christmas Bells 16 All he tells we is the Queen ain't sent out enough money for the poor widdies to year, because she've had a poor voyage too. 1907 DUNCAN 117 There wasn't ar another man landed by the mail-boat the day, was they? P 229-67 We'll go in berry pickin' the mar. M 68-20 I don't spose there's e'er store open the day, is there? P 245-76 We didn't have much snow the year an' I'm afraid we may have no rain the summer.
   2 Phr the once, to ~ [da 'wons]: as soon as possible, right away; DIRECTLY; in a short while.
   1861 Harper's xxii, 753 She let go her two anchors to onst. 1896 J A Folklore ix, 25 The use of to, as meaning this, as in to-day ... is continued in ... to once for at once. [1906] GRENFELL 123 So I took it that the splint fitted, and was able to insist on Pat getting a nap 'to oncst.' 1937 DEVINE 51 The once—at once. T 80/2-64 And the once, see, I get sick. Smoking, I suppose, and glutching the smoke. T 222-66 If we are going to do something almost immediately we would say we are going to do it de once. T 309-66 He started off next morn. Got to this pond. Stowed away and looked away to the mountain top. The once he seen this little cloud, you know, risin'. P 17-69 The rackly means 'the once.'

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