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able a OED ~ a 5 'strong, vigorous' obs (1375-1863) for sense 1; WASSON Cap'n Simeon's Store (1903), p. 149 for sense 2; EDD 3: able for (Ir) for sense 3.
   1 Strong, muscular.
   T 80/3-64 And 'twas heavy. A man heaved a cod seine was able man. T 43/4-64 Big, able man, strong man—a man that never had a thing wrong with him.
   2 Of a boat or vessel, well-built, serviceable, trim.
   T 194/6-65 We got a speed boat, a good one. Eighteen foot long, able boat, eighteen horsepower Johnson engine.
   3 Phr able for: stronger than (another).
   P 113-74 'Is he able for you? Is he stronger than you are, or able to overcome you in a trial of strength?

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