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suant a, av also suent [phonetics unavailable]. OED ~ a 3 now dial; EDD 1 'smooth, even, regular' s w cties.
   1 Of a tree or structure, straight, true; TANT.
   1863 MORETON 32 ~ Well continued, without irregularities. Spoken of any work or building in which the lines are true and unbroken. 1897 J A Folklore x, 211 ~ evenly and uniformly made. [c1900] 1978 RLS 8, p. 22 ~ a term used to denote regular proportions, shape &c as instance a suant Stick, i.e. nice straight clean grown tree, a suant Curve, regular well defined curve or bend &c. 1937 DEVINE 50 Suent. Regular, smooth or straight, as applied to an object like timber. . . 'A suent plank or tree.' C 71-44 It was often said that the tree was tant and suant.
   2 Of a curve, esp in the hull of a vessel, smooth, graceful, with a correct sheer (P 94-57).
   T 43/8-64 Sheerin' her meant now that there was so much rise to give her forrards, to bring her in proportion, and so much rise to give her aft down the counter, an' you'd bring that along suent on the timbers an' make sure that you had it equally alike on both sides. P 99-69 She's a suent and dilly boat.
   3 Smooth, even.
   1937 DEVINE 50 Suent. Applied to motion. 'Cod liver oil runs suent.' 1958 Nfld Dishes 31 Suent. Smooth. 'A nice suent batter.' P 4-59 [We had] a suent time [sailing] around the cape this morning. C 71-94 A suant grade in the road is one that goes up constant without any large dips.
   4 Pliant (1897 J A Folklore x, 211).
   1925 Dial Notes v, 344 Suent. Bending; pliant. 1937 DEVINE 43 Newfoundland usage, suent, pliable.

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