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standing ppl, vbl n
   Comb standing edge: seaward side of ice-cover extending out from the shore; OUTSIDE EDGE. STRAIGHT ~ .
   1910 GRENFELL 67 Our little mail steamer, paying us her last visit for the winter, was lying far out in the ice. Her crew was slinging out, onto the standing edge, for want of a better landing stage, such poor freight as our people's slender stock of money could buy for the winter. 1916 GRENFELL 168 The wind had pinned the runnin' ice ag'in the standin' edge.
   standing flake: platform built on poles and spread with boughs for drying cod-fish on the foreshore; FLAKE.
   [1766] 1971 BANKS 134 They are Carried to the Last operation of Drying them which the English Do upon Standing flakes ... in some Places as high as twenty feet from the ground. 1819 ANSPACH 435 The fish is spread out on boughs in the open air to dry, head to tail, the open side being exposed to the sun. This is done either upon a beach, or upon the ground which is called laying-room; but more generally upon standing flakes ... of two sorts, namely, hand and broad flakes.
   standing ice: solid stretch of ice extending outward from the shore; fast-ice; SHORE1: ~ ICE. Cp RUNNING ICE.
   [1886] LLOYD 48-9 [The northern seal-hunters] walk out over the 'standing ice' which lies along the coast to a distance of three, four, or more miles, to what is known as the 'running ice,' i.e. that which lies in the current of the Strait, and which is always in motion. This runnning ice does not, like the standing ice, consist of an extensive unbroken field, but is split up into small floes, or 'pans.' 1924 ENGLAND 115 'An' I 'ave yeard tell o' ships makin' fast to islands of ice, an' gettin' towed troo de standin' ice.' 1940 DOYLE (ed) 6 "The Loss of the Ellen Munn": Next morning then our hearts were light. / We ran her up for the standin' ice. 1967 FIRESTONE 100 In going out after them [seals in the Strait] one must first cross the standing ice which is locked to the land and extends one half to two thirds of a mile into the Strait. 1978 Evening Telegram 10 Mar, p. 1 The four Newfoundland ... sealing vessels have been unable to penetrate the standing ice, a term used to describe the non-moving 'ice frozen on shore.'
   standing room: compartment between the thwarts of an undecked fishing boat; ROOM,
   1857 MOUNTAIN 6 [The fishing punt] is about six-feet keel, and six feet wide, with 'standing rooms' to row in, and the midships and stern, where the fish is stowed. [cl880] 1927 DOYLE (ed) 29 "The Ryans and the Pittmans": I can handle a jigger, and cuts a big figure Whenever I gets in a boat's standing room. 1895 Christmas Review 9 In a small decked skiff, of about eighty quintals carrying capacity, with two caulked wells or standing rooms, one forward for the cable, and one aft, where stood the two brothers; the decks covered with ice, the sea constantly adding to it, no light, no shelter, and miles from the mainland—they seemed to be doomed to utter destruction. T 393/4-67 An' th' other feller, instead o' goin' back aft to steer, he goes up forrard in the standin' room, an' he steers the boat from there. 1971 CASEY 67 While in the boat, the boys cut the tails off the fish they caught for ease of identification or they placed their catch in a separate part of the boat, for example, in the 'afterroom' or 'standin' room.' 1975 BUTLER 54 They were open boats with the center part of the boat covered with boards called gang boards laid on the thwarts. There was a place in the aft and forward part of the boat called standing rooms for the fishermen to stand in when fishing.
   standing well: see standing room.
   1973 Decks Awash May, p. 28 'Standing Wells' are used by the crew while fishing. There are generally three.

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