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scunner n DC ~ n Nfld (1924-). See also SCUN1. Member of crew who directs or conns sealing vessel through the ice-floes; look-out on a vessel; BARREL-MAN.
   1906 DUNCAN 311 The scunner in the foretop was near blinded by the driven snow. 1919 GRENFELL2 174-5 The masters of watches are also called 'scunners'—they go up night and day in the forebarrel to 'scun' the ship—that is, to find the way through the ice. 1924 ENGLAND 42 The duty of the scunners is going aloft to spy out ways through the ice, leads and ways; bridge masters transmit orders from the scunners to the men at the wheel. 1933 GREENE 132 [The barrel] on the foremast holds the 'Scunner,' whose job it is to work the ship on the correct line, and in the most easily-negotiated ice, through the Floe. 1940 DOYLE (ed) 11 "Two Jinkers": We found that Stephen was at the wheel, / And Jimmie was the scunner; / That we still lived 'twas good to feel / When two such craytures run ler. 1973 MOWAT 73 Not a sign of a patch of young seals had we seen when the scunner, up in the foremast barrel, lets out a whoop: 'Young fat to star-r-r-r-r-b'ard!'

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