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alexander n
   1 Scotch lovage (Ligusticum scothicum), a herb used medicinally; freq pl; also attrib.
   [1771] 1792 CARTWRIGHT i, 130 I named [the river] Alexander; abundance of that plant growing on its banks. 1861 DE BOILIEU 215 The only esculent (in the common sense) found on the coast fit to eat was named the 'Alexander'—a species of celery. 1920 WALDO 62 'What greens have you?' 'Alexander greens, sir.' 1930 Am Speech vi, 56 ~ a pot-herb growing on rocks, which can be cooked and eaten like spinage. 1975 SCOTT 31 Scotch Lovage or Alexanders is found all around the coastline and in some other places in Newfoundland. The vegetative part of the plant looks like celery except that the stalks are smaller and the leaves are larger. The taste is like that of celery and parsley.
   2 Dumpling or 'duff' seasoned with the herb.
   1909 BROWNE 268 'Stoggers' and 'Alexanders' are huge balls of dough ... served with ...'Codey.'

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