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oo-isht int also hoo-eet, puit, twet Labrador Inuit huit 'go.' Command to dog-team to pull ahead.
   1861 Harper's xxii. 756 The driver [was] half-reclining, with the whip over his shoulder trailing behind, five fathoms long! 'Twer! Twet!' on! on!—'ouk! ouk!' to the right! 1885 ibid lxxi, 658 The words of command are 'Ra-ra,' haw; 'Ak,' gee; 'Ha,' ho; 'Puit,' get up. 1907 WALLACE 231 To start his team the driver calls 'oo-isht,' (in the south this becomes 'hoo-eet') to turn to the right 'ouk,' to the left 'ra-der, ra-der' and to stop 'aw-aw.' The leader responds to the shouted directions and the pack follow. 1916 YOUNG 77 In the morning there would be some difficulty in getting all the dogs harnessed and fastened to the komatik... As soon as we were ready for a start, Charlie gave the command 'ooisht' and instantly they were off at a gallop.

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