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nog-head n also noggin*, noggy-head* EDD nog sb1 1 'small log or block' for sense 1. EDD 1(1) ~ head, (4) noggy 'block-head' for sense 2.
   1 Small chunk of wood; NUG.
   P 126-67 Make some nog-heads for the morning [fire]. P 148-67 The fire needs some noggins.
   2 Blockhead.
   T 222-66 Noggyheads is the [name] with which I am most familiar, because when I was a small child and tormented her she was apt to call me that. P 148-67 [Go away], ya old noghead!
   3 An undernourished seal-pup; BLEATER.
   1924 ENGLAND 193 Far from the ship, alone, deserted, we found a 'nogg-head.' That is to say, a motherless whitecoat, 'wid narr pick o' fat on he.' 1925 Dial Notes v. 337 ~ A young seal with the mother killed;—all head and no body.

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