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agent n In the fishery (a) the manager of the operations in Newfoundland of a British or Channel Islands mercantile house; (b) the representative in a fishing settlement of a St John's fish-merchant.
   [1767] 1828 CARTWRIGHT ii, 306 The list of destitute persons ... was not put into my hands till I was on the point of sailing, and then without any other than its own evidence, though it was in the possession of Mr Street, agent to the elder White (of Poole), who was a principal sufferer, and one of the most earnest complainants. [1775] 1955 HARVEY (ed) 60 I soon heard that Mr Neave was not yet arived in the land but was Expected in a few Weeks; was informd he lived at Little Placentia about 1 miles to it Ware his Agent Capt Harrison resided. 1832 MCGREGOR i, 193 A great majority of the merchants at St John's, as well as the agents who represent the principal houses, are men who received a fair education. 1846 [FEILD] 13-14 The Bishop ... was welcomed and entertained with the same kindness as elsewhere, by Mr Chapman, the agent of Messrs Nicolle and Co. 1868 Royal Geog Soc xxxviii, 263 Here the agent (Mr Bendle), for Slade and Co., came on board. He says that all the fishing-vessels are at Webeck. 1936 SMITH 42 Messrs Job Bros. & Co. owned Indian Harbour in those days, and Mr Joseph Simms was their summer agent.

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