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after prep EDD ~ prep 6 (2) 'completed action' Sc Ir; JOYCE 84-5; DINNEEN diaidh: i ndiaidh, after'; éis: d'éis 'after, behind' ('he has just struck him'). In idiom be after (doing something): to have (done); to have completed an action; to have already (done); to have just (done).
   1897 WILLSON 38 [They were] patiently waiting until they could unfold their grievances or their demands to the 'skipper,' as Sir William is called. For they are 'afther having nothing else in the world to do.' 1910 Nfld Qtly Oct, p. 23 Mr Williams, sir, you're after makin' a mistake, sir, the corpse is wakin' in the bedroom. 1940 Fortnightly cliii, Apr, p. 403 Several told him, 'he was after bein' a fool.' T 43/8-64 I'm not old enough to be after doin' too much work anywhere, an' I've spent four years overseas. T 55/7-64 She come an' called me just as plain as if you called me. I knew there was something after happened her. T 75/8-64 And there was an island pan after driving along. They brought us in about half a mile of Careless Point, and dumped us out on the island pan. 1966 SZWED 66 Some poor fellers are after courting for 6 or 7 years, just trying to get a little money to buy a house. 1970 JANES 37 How many times am I after tellin' you? But it's all no good. I could talk till I'm blue in the face, and you'd still just sit there mumblin' and grumblin' like a ole nannygoat. 1977 Nfld Qtly Summer, p. 6 He told me the story; all hands was after leaving her, cook and all. She was an old vessel and they didn't like her. 1980 Evening Telegram 17 Mar, p. 3 Deputy Mayor Ray O'Neill said... 'the provincial government is after setting up this offshore petroleum impact committee.'

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