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jackass n SMYTH 406 'heavy rough boats used in Newfoundland'; cp O Sup2 jackass 5. A two-masted vessel rigged for the seal hunt with square, rather than fore-and-aft, sails on the mainmast; attrib in jackass brig; BEAVER1: BEAVER HAT MAN.
   1826 [Glascock] i, 140 It was notorious that a considerable part of the property plundered was secreted and carried away in boats, called 'jack-asses,' to the outports. 1892 Christmas Bells 14 Our skipper could not read or write, so to make matters clear and intelligible for him, I drew all the different vessels as he described them—one was a brig; another a jackass brig; another a schooner with a square main-topsail (common rig in those days); every spar and sail was minutely drawn out from his description. 1933 GREENE 45-6 Some [of the sealing schooners] were of special and local design. and so original in rig and suits of sail for the Ice, as to earn such quaint names as the 'JackAss-Brigs' or the 'Beaver-Hat-Men'; and almost all of these craft were built by the handy sealers themselves. 1961 Evening Telegram 23 May, p. 6 The type of twomasted craft on whose mainmast upper square sails would be fitted temporarily, to make a jackass brig, was the vessel that regularly was all square-rigged on the foremast and all fore-and-aft-rigged on the mainmast... They were numerous in the Newfoundland trade.

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