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in av, prep OED in-draft 3 'an inward passage' obs (1570-1706) for sense 4.
   1 Close to, approaching (the shore).
   1873 CARROLL 18 As long as white fish are in with the land, so sure will seals of every description be there. P 245-55 The wind is east-in from the sea. T 43-64 If the ice was in, you'd walk off from the land, an' you'd have your gaff with you and your sealing rope, and probably you get the chance to kill one, two, or three or four.
   2 Toward the interior; away from the coast or settled area.
   P 148-64 I went in the road [toward the Goulds]. c 71-113 He went in the road [away from the coastal highway]. 1976 Guy 38 [The Americans] put up some camps in at the Station which was three miles in the road. 1977 QUILLIAM 36 In this sea-girt isle, one 'goes out' fishing and 'goes in' trouting; goes out to the salt water bay or harbour to fish and goes into the fresh water ponds and brooks to trout. 1979 TIZZARD 277 So my father and later myself enjoyed a good meal of food when we were cutting firewood in over Indian Hill or in toward the Ridge.
   3 Phr in bulk: see BULK n.
   4 Comb in-draft [phonetics unavailable]: (a) narrow passage from the sea deep into the land; also attrib (Q 71-8); (b) length of a bay or passage to its innermost point (see Q 71 and 1974 quots).
   T 70/1-64 Takes a big sea to hurt you there, a big sea; like it is an in-draught place, see. T 33-641 We brought up in Nain, it's a long in-draught you see, and when they saw us we had our flag up. They knew we were coming with provisions. Q 71-6 The bay has a deep in-draft. It is a long bay. Q 71-8 What is the indraft of Cape Roger Bay? How far is it from the mouth to the bottom? 1974 SQUIRE 9 Eastport ... has an openmouth bay facing northeast toward the Atlantic Ocean. It has an indraft of about four miles, with a shoreline of little over seven miles.
   in-wind: wind blowing from sea to shore.
   1918 GORDON 79 Wind still in from the sea, keeping everything back... Everybody has had to knock off boat work as these in-winds are too chilly. c 67-162 [saying] 'Bubbles on the water during rain, sure to have in-wind.'

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