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after a Cp OED ~ 4 b 'hinder' naut.Comb after beam, ~ bunk: stout transverse timber at the rear of a sled.
   P 148-67 The after-bunk [is a cross-piece at the rear of the catamaran]. C 70-15 Sometimes a boy would help
   his father by using a second hauling rope fastened to the after beam.
   after gunner: at the seal hunt, a marksman hunting old or mature seals, usu in a small boat; GUNNER.
   1842 JUKES ii, 129 He has likewise his long sealing gun, if he is intended as a bow or after gunner, or, in other words, as an expert marksman, to shoot the animals. 1877 TOCQUE 307 One pound ten shillings for after gunner. P 213-54 The after gunner [was the] second man (less experienced) after the fore-gunner.

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