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adventurer n Cp OED ~ 4 'one who undertakes, or shares in, a commercial enterprise' (1625-). Cp PLANTER.
   1 Shareholder in an organization or company formed to establish a colony or 'plantation' in Newfoundland.
   [1611] 1895 PROWSE 123 And for as much as the good and prosperous successe of the plantation cannot but cheifelie depend [on] good direction of the whole enterprize by a careful and understanding counsell, and that it is not convenient, that all the adventurers shalbe soo often drawen to meete and assemble as shalbe requisite for them to have meetings and conference about their affairs... 1624 EBURNE 139 Sixthly, some other worthy persons there are that be adventurers in the said plantation, whose names I know not. [1639] 1895 PROWSE 149 Petition of James Marquis of Hamilton and the rest of the Adventurers of Newfoundland To the King...
   2 A migratory English fisherman operating seasonally in Newfoundland.
   [1611] 1895 PROWSE 124 And furthermore if any Adventurers or planters shall transport any moneys or merchandize out of any of our kingdomes with a pretence to land sell or otherwise dispose of them within [Newfoundland]... [1653] ibid 167 ... such fit persons as you shall appoint to collect ... the imposition of Oyle for the use of this Commonwealth, and Adventurers aforesaid. [1701] ibid 228 This was very great abuse and discouragement to the other Adventurers; besides, these bye boat keepers could afford to sell their fish cheaper than the Adventurers, which must lessen the number of fishing ships. [1766] 1976 HEAD 180 [They were engaged in] destroying the Fishing Works belonging to English Fishers there and in the North part of Newfoundland, Firing the Woods, and doing every kind of Mischief, to prevent and discourage English Adventurers from going to that Coast. [1794] 1968 THOMAS 109 Her Husband came over from England about Fifty-Five years ago as an Adventurer-what is called here a green man. [1810] 1971 ANSPACH 19 The great sums generally charged for purchases, money or yearly rents with onerous conditions for building, etc in cases which set and exceed 15 years, even of unoccupied and naked rooms, seem to indicate such a want for the adventurers who must labour under still greater inconveniences than the resident Fish Catchers.
   3 A resident fisherman or settler who fishes seasonally in coastal waters distant from his home port.
   [1797] 1976 HEAD 226 The great quantity of Herrings that are found [on the South Coast] at this time, encourage adventurers from most parts of Newfoundland particularly St John's and Placentia. [1803] ibid 222 [The French Shore is] a part where Fish is found in such abundance, as to have induced adventurers, for several years past, to fit out Vessels from the southern ports [of Newfoundland], and proceed thither to carry on the Fishery, in which they have always been successful, while the shore-fishery to the southward has frequently failed.

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