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funnel n Cp OED ~ sb1 2, 2 b for sense 1.
   1 A stove-pipe; also the chimney of a lamp.
   [1770] 1792 CARTWRIGHT i, 38 The kitchen chimney, being a wooden one, and the roof of the dining-room, (which the funnel of the stove almost touched) took fire to-day; but it was extinguished before they had received much damage. 1842 BONNYCASTLE ii, 125 [A] habitation which often contains the poor fisherman, and his generally numerous family, the smoke escaping always from an old barrel, or a square funnel of boards placed over the fire. 1895 J A Folklore viii, 35-6 Funnel and funnelling are used in Newfoundland, and also in some parts of the United States, for stove-pipe. 1921 FPU (Twillingate) Minutes 13 Jan Also a bill ... for funnels for stove and other repairs. 1937 DEVINE 23 ~ s. An outport word for both stove pipes, and lamp chimneys. T 141/64-652 An' here's the funnel, with smoke comin' out of un, an' down over the weather edge was the end o' the house.
   2 Jocular term for a top hat.
   [c1904] 1927 DOYLE (ed) 67 "The Kelligrews Soiree": Oh, when I arrived at Betsey Snook's /That night at half past eight, / The place was blocked with carriages / Stood waiting at the gate. / With Cluney's funnel on my pate, / The first words Betsey said: / 'Here comes a local preacher / With the pulpit on his head.'
   3 A narrow neck of land or isthmus; a passage between steep hills (P 148-61; Q 71-9).
   4 Comb funnel bun, ~ cake: bread-dough baked on a hot stove-pipe or stove lid; STOVE CAKE.
   P 148-67 Funnel buns consist of ordinary dough, wrapped around the funnel of the stove. C 71-97 Funnel cakes. Instead of putting dough in pans to make bread, she just slapped it onto the funnel of the stove and let it bake there.

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