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adventure n also venture. Cp OED ~ 7 'commercial enterprise' (1625-). A fishing or sealing enterprise; VOYAGE.
   [1548] 1895 PROWSE 53 Forasmuch as within these few Years now last past there hath been levied ... of such Merchants and Fishermen as have used and practised the Adventures and Journeys into Iseland, Newfoundland, Ireland and other Places commodious for Fishing and the getting of Fish... [1802] 1916 MURPHY 2 1 am anxious this minute that your Excellency may form some idea of the expense attending this [seal fishery] adventure, as well as of the mode in which it is conducted. P 54-63 The word venture lingered in Newfoundland usage for a trading operation until recently and the account in a firm's ledger for the cost, sale and outcome of each of its fish exportation consignments was headed up 'fish venture per (vessel's name).'

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