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advent n Comb advent wreath: wreath of green boughs made to mark the season preceding the festival of the Nativity.
   C 70-17 It has always been a custom in her family to make what they call an Advent wreath around Christmas time each year. Q 71-14 The Advent wreath is a Catholic custom. I have often helped make them in my classroom before Christmas. It would be made of boughs to form a wreath with four candles placed on it; they would be lit each day for the three weeks of Advent. P 141-72 During Advent we would make an Advent wreath (a hoop covered with green boughs) and between the boughs we would place candies. Also on the wreath would be ribbons which would be tied to the ceiling. Before and after classes, while saying prayers, we would light all the candies and after prayers extinguish them.

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