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faggot n also fagot. Cp OED ~ 3 (1489-1854), DAE fagot 2 (1800, 1889), DC ~ N fld (1777-) for sense 1; EDD 4 for sense 2. See also PILE n.1 A stack of split and salted cod-fish at various stages of the drying process.
   [1663] 1963 YONGE 58 By night, or in wet weather, [the drying fish is] made up in faggots (as they call it), that is, 4 or five fishes with the skin upwards, and a broad fish on top. [1726] 1976 HEAD 74 Some time after this they lay them together in small heaps, about a dozen or 14 of them, what they call faggots, this they doe always in the evenings or when it Rains, & Spread them again in the mornings. [1777] 1792 CARTWRIGHT ii, 368 The green fish being in a state of taking damage, we spread it all; also, the half-cured fish which the Americans had thrown out of pile; the latter we piled again, and made up the former into faggots. 1861 DE BOILIEU 37 The fish having been 'turned' each evening, about the third day they are put in faggots, about a dozen fish being laid one upon the other, their backs upwards, as a defence from wet or the dampness of the night. 1866 WILSON 211 And as evening approaches, the fish spread in the morning has to be taken up and put in fagot, or little heaps, and left on the flake until next day. 1936 SMITH 17 After the first day's sun it would be made up in small faggots, not more than a half-quintal to each faggot. On the second day it would be spread out, all the one way, and made up in the evening in large faggots of two quintals or more. When spread again it would be made up in twenty-quintal piles. T 36-464 Providing the next day is fine and the next day is fine you'll always enlarge on your faggots, and when the fish gets half-made you got it in quintal faggots. C 69-17 When codfish [were] spread on the flake for the first few days it was taken up and placed in little piles or heaps called faggots. After each day's spread it was made a little larger till it reached the stage called pile containing over 5 quintals in a circular stack. 1977 BURSEY 196-7 Every fisherman at the Battery had a long face for they had fish in different stages of making, from waterhorse through fagots to fish wanting but one day's sun. 1979 TIZZARD 295 [The cod-fish were] packed in the store in either round or square faggots.
   2 A naughty or mischievous child.
   1899 ENGLISH 15 What's that, ye saucy little faggot, if I don't complain ye to yer uncle... 1937 DEVINE 21 ~ A mild term of reproach used towards a small girl. 'You little Faggot.' [1960] 1965 LEACH (ed) 130 "Stowaway": One day he came up from below decks, / And seizing a lad by the hand, / Some little half-wornout faggot, / Who ought to be home with his dad. T 222-66 And when your small fry aggravate you, do you call them bad narders or young gommels or brazen faggots or bedlamer boys or noggyheads?

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