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dudeen n also dudee EDD ~ sb Ir; OED (1841-); DAE (1850-). DINNEEN dúidín. Short-stemmed tobacco pipe.
   1836 [WIX]2 145 The girls among the rest, are also smoking tobacco in short pipes, blackened with constant use, like what the Irish here call 'dudees,' all day long. 1863 MORETON 95 The man then offered me the little black dudeen which he was himself smoking. 1902 Christmas Bells 15 Feeling perfectly satisfied with my catch, I filled my 'dudeen' and sat down on the bank to enjoy a quiet smoke. 1931 BYRNES 89 He liked to relax in a big rocking chair, contentedly puffing his 'dudhdeen.' [1951] 1965 PEACOCK (ed) ii, 377 "My Old Dudeen": He might have been a jinker it's plainly to be seen, / And if it weren't for him I wouldn't be smoking my old dudeen. 1968 DILLON 137 A spell ago, a pipe was a dudeen.

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